Friday, November 21, 2008

CJ's First Basketball Game!!!

We went to my oldest DGD CJ's first middle school basketball game last night. I am not a real basketbball fan but boy was I thrilled to see CJ out there on the court!!! I think I will become a real fan in record time!!

She was waiting in the center area to go into the game. Ya know, when I was in school I was always the last kid chosen for the PE games because I was TERRIBLE at sports!!! So I am sooo impressed that CJ is lovin to play sports!!

There she is out on the court making trouble for the other team!!!

There is CJ's fan club...Mom Laura, Brother Cole, and Sister Autumn.

Sadly, the best team lost but never fear...tomorrow is another day!!!

Today was spent taking Dad to the doctor and then I took Mom and Dad to Sam's Club. We checked prices on some of his medicines at the Pharmacy and they were cheaper there than at Walmart or at the VA. If you want to save some money, check out their Pharmacy prices....why pay more???

We will be babysitting for our 1 year old DGD, Caitlyn, tonight and tomorrow. Not sure if I will get to sneak in any stamping till Sunday. I will upload some pics of Caitlyn tomorrow....she is such a little doll (does that sound like a proud Grandma??)!!!

Thanks for visiting and letting a proud old Grandma brag a little!!!


Susan (rainy) said...

Nothin' better than seeing the kids have fun. Yup... you'll be a huge fan in no time. Actually it looks like you already are!! lol Great pictures, Joan.

Rose Ann said...

Wonderful pictures, Joan!! It's so exciting to see your GD play, and I'm sure you'll be a fan of the sport in no time at all!! ;)

Tex said...

Hey Grandma! We should'a planned a combined playdate! Fiddlesticks! I know you'll savor the cuddles & snuggles, just like we are here. Sure do wish you lived a wee bit closer!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a fun time...I love watching kids play sports - they play for the fun of the game and just seem to pass that enjoyment on to the crowd! Thanks for sharing your day with us! :)
hugs, Jami

Michelle said...

Yes, I am CERTAIN that you will be a sports fan very soon. Somehow the grands do that to us! LOL! Simply adorable...I'm so glad you shared those with us!

Julia Aston said...

How fun to watch your GD play and sit with the rest of the family cheering squad! Thanks for sharing your family with us Joan!!

Jerri Jimenez said...

Wonderful family photos Joan, fabulous photos. I have to laugh because I was always the last one picked to, I totally hated sports, couldn't play basketball to save my life! Just couldn't get the concept of what double dribbling was . . . LOL! I was a total athletic curse!

Chrissy D said...

Joan- Your grandchildren are beautiful! You have such a lovely family! TFS them with us!