Monday, August 9, 2010

Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge

Hello everyone!!! Da Mudder's Teapot Tuesday challenge this week is all about baseball, dogs, and creating a new Bad News Bassethound Baseball team!!! It seems Boscoe needs recruits.....big bad baseball brutes.....but he has to draw the line somewhere, they gotta be dogs! Bring your baseball cards, baseball dogs, coaches, bat boys, umps and referees. Bring your bats, (yah a dog bone's okay) bases, and baseball hats! If you bring a belly draggin short little Bassethound, he better be good or you're coming in the back door!

I used stickers from Jolee's and Recollections and paper from Paper House Productions to create my card....what a fun card and just perfect for a special baseball player. This week we are sending our cards to a little 10 year old boy who is a baseball player through and through and a member of the Elm Grove Eagles! His name is Andrew...he has some major medical problems and I know he will love all the cards we are going to send his way!!
Nifty Nick is my little pup who is trying out for the Bad News Bassethounds. Here are his stats...he looks like a pretty good baseball player.....hope Andrew thinks so!!!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great stampin kinda day!!!


Kimberly S said...

Oh Joan, this is really going to make that boy's day. How cute, creative, and wonderfully detailed! :)

Bev J. said...

Andrew is going to love this card-really cute!!

Lynnor said...

Cracked me up!!! Sooooo creative!!

Crystal said...

OMG this is soooooooo CUTE!!! HOW FUN!

Maria Matter said...

too fun Joan!
love his 'position' all over the field! lol
terrific card!!!
enjoy your day!
hugs & blessings!

Anne said...

How sweet Joan!! This card is so fun for a young boy, it will definitely make him smile!! Great job!!