Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures of the Blue ladies!!

These are pictures of the Michelle Zindorf brayering workshop I attended in Austin last weekend. We had such a good time and Lydia's brownies were FABULOUS!!!

Jeanne, Sharon, Jenn, Michelle, Me, and Lydia in front.

Sharon was sitting with Frank....he was so quiet today!!

Michelle did a good job of keeping us all in line...we did get a little roudy at times!!

She held three sessions last weekend....I bet she was glad to get home!!

Miss cutie pie!!!

You can't attend a Zindorf workshop without getting inky fingers!!! We all matched!!!
Lydia wrote on her blog Understand Blue that she found two shirts after the last workshop on Sunday. She was afraid that someone left topless, but alas, it was me! I left my old denim shirt that I take everywhere. Not sure about the other shirt....there may be someone running around Austin topless!!!


Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Hi, Joan! Well, first of all, welcome to Blogland!!! You will have fun!!! I'll link you right away (I am so behind on so many links!!!). Your workshop with Michelle sounds fabulous!!! Oh, how I would love to attend one some time. And your creations look like an old pro did them!!! She can really teach you that much in one session!!! Well, maybe YOU!!! LOL!!! Sounds like you had a great time -- so enjoyed your photos!!! TFS!!!

mzindorf said...

Hi Joan! Let me say I was so honored to meet you and a certainly had a blast! Hugs!